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Smiemans Projecten gewinnt "Das Besondere in der Branche" bei KMU-Unternehmerpreis 2017

foto Smiemans Projecten gewinnt "Das Besondere in der Branche" bei KMU-Unternehmerpreis 2017

Am letzten Donnerstag war die 11. Ausgabe des KMU Unternehmerpreises. Unsere Firma Smiemans Projecten hat den Preis für "Das Besondere in der Branche" gewonnen. Jeroen: "Das ist eine Anerkennung für das ganze Team."

Jury report

The jury was very impressed by the special projects of the family business Smiemans Projecten. The jury found that they realize the leading, prestigious projects. Think of the World Horti Center, but also of large projects abroad. They are striking buildings that stand out. Jeroen Smiemans knows what happens in all facets of the company. Smiemans Projecten has developed very innovative concepts and is therefore inspiring. With the whole team they ensure that the projects are realised as attractive and functional as possible.

They respond to the wishes of the customer and have clearly chosen to operate in the niche market. They innovate in specific projects, particularly in technology and materials. They do this very strongly, according to the jury. Smiemans Projecten works with employees who have been working for the company for years and also knows how to bind new people the company. The jury congratulates Jeroen on how he knows how to captivate his employees in a market that is not always easy.

They also stand out in the field of sustainability. In the glass constructions they continuously try to process new techniques, such as the use of LED lighting and other types of screening. With the project 'Kipster' they have realized the most natural, environmentally friendly chicken barn of the world. Smiemans Projecten is a striking and more than distinctive company within her sector with all this!

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