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Last activities at Tropical glasshouse Flora Köln

foto Last activities at Tropical glasshouse Flora Köln

Large boulders pile up in front of the huge tropical greenhouse in the famous Flora botanical garden in Cologne. All material for inside the glass construction. About 90% done, but still plenty to do. Read here what we have done in the meantime.


Maintenance stairs installed

To maintain the construction well without affecting the beautiful nature and flora, this staircase is placed. It leads to a movable platform that can drive throughout the greenhouse and always gives access to the upper part of the construction.

Lobby with connection to orangery

A special entrance has also been built so that the cold wind does not enter the warm tropical greenhouse when entering the building. This lobby has two entrances. One entrance gives access from outside and the other with the corridor that connects the orangery with the large greenhouse. This ensures that visitors can walk comfortably to another existing greenhouse in bad weather. This can only be built when all the plants are in the greenhouse.

Depending on technical equipment

As soon as third parties have installed the technical installations that keep the climate in the greenhouse stable, the tropical plants can be planted. This is very precise, only in the summer are the conditions ideal for this. The deadline for this was June 1, 2022, which was not met due to delivery problems of climate computers. As a result, these precious plants can only be planted in June 2023 and visitors will be able to admire the new tropical greenhouse at the end of 2023.

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