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“Vegetation, biotopes, different types of soil, sustainable energy, innovative climate control and installations: when everything matters, we at EdenParks are your first port of call.”

Botanical Glasshouses

Your wishes are our startingpoint. The result is a tailor-made botanic glasshouse with an ingenious climate for a wide range of plants and flowers - a delicate and green environment, where every detail counts!

Design and build botanical glasshouses 

EdenParks designs and builds botanical glasshouses including botanic labs and botanic gardens - for research purposes commissioned by universities and also for the leisure industry.

Expertise, experience and network

In both cases you can count on our all-round expertise, experience and network… and the same from our partners in the areas of horticulture and facilities.

The options are endless

Would you like a glasshouse with different climate zones where you can grow a wide range of plants and flowers? Or a meeting room, butterfly garden or restaurant and tea garden? The options are endless!

Complete package

Our complete package has turned out to be very attractive for many clients, for example for the Royal Horticultural Society Garden Wisley:

  • excellent, well-functioning glasshouses
  • down-to-earth approach and reasonable prices
  • stylish and exclusive designs
  • project management, consultancy and excellent service
  • experienced in soft & hard landscaping

Functionality and implementation

When considering the functionality of your new botanical glasshouse, it is imperative to ensure that the structure performs accordingly and that its implementation can eventually exceed expectations.

Develop and build botanical glasshouses

The time put into the preliminary phase of building your greenhouse is a great investment in its future use. With this free whitepaper you can make more informed decisions during the development and building of your botanical glasshouse. What considerations need to be made and what you have to think about prior to the building? Thus, we hope you find our whitepaper useful and that you will gather plenty of inspiration.

Are you looking for a carefully balanced botanical garden with excellent quality design and top performance?

We would like to demonstrate our experience by showing you the options for your specific project.

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