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“The output and performance requirements of glasshouses differ per project. It is nice to experience how we grow together with our clients towards the end result: beautiful, custom-made glasshouses.”

Design & Consultancy

We oversee the bigger picture and offer quality advise. The knowledge and experience is in house and our network.

From sketching the design to detailed construction drawings, from plants to animals and from best possible routing to efficient and economical use of space and energy: you can contact us for advice, to discuss options or concrete proposals. Our down-to-earth and pragmatic approach is fully aimed at finding the solutions that will exceed the expectations of our clients.

Would you like advise about the best-possible glasshouse for you? How can you make sure the users of your glasshouse have the most enjoyable experience? What are the costs involved? How can you make your glasshouse future-proof? At EdenParks you will find the solutions and ensure the best possible performance for your glasshouse!

We are at your service

There’s more to developing a glasshouse than merely designing and constructing. At EdenParks we understand what is important to you as our client. Whether it is ‘growing and blossoming’, zoos, retail, health care, leisure or exhibitions: you can come to us for all kinds of advice. We have the know-how or we will involve the specialists in our network to find the right answer.

  • Technical installations: heating, climate control, climate zones, lighting, air quality, irrigation
  • Sustainability and energy: energy generation and recovery systems, use of solar panels and wind energy
  • Plants, trees, animals, soil, water features
  • Improving sales: best possible routing and communication (signs & emergency exits)
  • Facilities such as offices and toilets, restaurants and cafés and interior decoration of various areas: from therapy rooms to lounge areas, from exhibition hall to shopping
  • Rules & regulations, permits

We will do anything to allow you to welcome your visitors in a well-balanced atmosphere!

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