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EdenParks Privacy Statement

The privacy statement below applies to all website visits, transactions and agreements with EdenParks b.v. – Bovendijk 29 – 2295 RV Kwintsheul - the Netherlands.

EdenParks respects the privacy of all users of its website and ensures that the personal information you provide to us is treated  as confidential. We use your data to inform you about our progress. EdenParks will not sell your personal data to third parties and will only make this personal data available to third parties which are involved in the execution of your order.

Whose personal data does EdenParks process?

EdenParks processes the personal data of people with whom EdenParks has had, currently has, or wants to have an (in)direct relationship. For example:

•    Clients and their employees;

•    Persons of companies that show an interest in our products;

•    Suppliers and their employees.

For what purposes does EdenParks process your personal data?

•    To be able to enter into and maintain a business relationship with you

Without storing your personal data we cannot deliver any products and send invoices to you, and you cannot purchase any goods and pay invoices.

•   Statutory obligation/Archiving purposes

We are required by law to save personal data for the support of, for example, the Tax and Customs Administration.

•   For sending service messages

We send service messages digitally as well as by mail (for example for maintenance, changes of contacts, or contact details).

•   For promotional and marketing purposes

We occasionally send newsletters to keep you informed of the latest developments. You can simply unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link, which is included in every newsletter.

What personal data does EdenParks process?

•  First name, prefix, surname - to be able to identify and personalise you, i.e. to be able to address you correctly.

•  Your (preferably business) email address - so that we can communicate with you in an efficient manner.

•  Company name, street, house number, postcode, place of business and country - to be able to correctly identify the business relationship with you (company and business location).

•  Language preference (NE, DE, EN) -  so that we can contact you in a language you understand.

EdenParks does not have the intention to collect data of people under 16 years of age. However, we cannot verify if a visitor is older than 16 years. We therefore advise parents to be involved in their children's online activities, to prevent data regarding their children from being collected without parental consent. If you are convinced that we have collected personal details regarding a minor without this permission, please contact us at, and we will remove this information.

How does EdenParks handle your personal data?

EdenParks will not sell your personal details to third parties. We exclusively share your address details with parties we engage for your order. Our employees and any third parties engaged by us are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data. Your personal data will be stored with due care. Your personal data can only be used within EdenParks by employees whose duties require access in the context of the activities referred to above.

 Your rights as a data subject

  • Information/access and correction - you can view which of your personal data we process and you can have this corrected or supplemented;
  • Restriction: If in your opinion we wrongfully or incorrectly process some personal data, you can have this processing restricted (again depending on administrative and/or statutory exceptions);
  • The right to be forgotten - you can have all your personal data permanently removed. In some cases EdenParks cannot immediately comply with this request, for example due to administrative (outstanding invoices and suchlike) or statutory reasons;
  • Objection/opposition: If you feel that we are using your personal data wrongfully or incorrectly, you can state this to us (for example unsubscribing from the newsletter);
  • Retention period: We do not save your personal data longer than necessary;
  • Transferability: You can request your personal data for transferring this data to other parties.

EdenParks uses its clients' data in the following manner:

  • If you are one of our clients, we need your name, email address, delivery address and payment details to be able to execute your project and to keep you informed of its progress..
  • We use your email address to keep you informed of developments. If you do not appreciate this any longer, you can unsubscribe on our website.
  • Data regarding the use of our website and the feedback we receive from our clients help us to  further develop and improve our website.

How we secure personal data
EdenParks is committed to the protection of your data and takes suitable measures for the prevention of misuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorised change. If you are under the impression that your data is not properly protected or if there are any indications of misuse, please contact our customer service or send an email to

Cookies are small pieces of information that are saved to your computer by your browser. EdenParks uses cookies for measuring the quality and effectiveness of the website without infringing on the privacy of the visitor. You can adjust the settings of your browser in such a way that you will not receive any cookies from EdenParks.

Please contact us if you have any further questions about the privacy statement of EdenParks. We will assist you further in case you want information regarding the use of your data or if you want to change this data.

This privacy statement has been drawn up with utmost care. If you still see cause for additions or if you have any questions or complaints with regard to your data, we are happy to receive these at