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“Would you like a traditional English conservatory or a contemporary glass pavilion? We will meet your needs and requirements!”

Jeroen Smiemans


Any climate in any area!

When you step into an EdenParks botanic glasshouse, you enter a world of its own: the best possible climate where exotic and other plants and flowers can thrive because all the lighting and climate conditions in the glasshouse are just right. The more delicate the ecosystem, the more accurate our contemporary technical installations are.

Different climate zones within one glasshouse

We even create different climate zones within one glasshouse: from tropical, sub-tropical to a temperate or desert climate. Visitors feel as if they are in a jungle, a mountainous area or a desert. In Kuwait for example we build a botanical glasshouse with 6 different gardens and 4 different climate zones despite the temperatures outside hitting peaks of 53 degrees Celsius.

Experience in the construction industry

Our specialists and partners combine their knowledge about climate control with more than half a decade of experience in the construction industry. This is how we create very special botanic glasshouses for users and visitors to cherish and enjoy. They are partners in for example:

  • Interior architecture
  • Soft an hard landscaping
  • Partner flora specialists

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