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“Once again EdenParks is allowed to build a special glass construction for a well-known botanical garden. After Inverewe, Hortus Botanicus Leiden and RHS Wisley, this time it is for Flora Cologne”

Jeroen Smiemans

Flora Köln (DE)

Special glass construction at well-known Botanical garden “Flora” in Cologne

PlaceCologne, DE
Surface± 3,000 m2
ArchitectKönigs Architekten
DesignU construction with three curved glasshouses
PurposeBotanical glasshouse

Technically advanced project for Botanical Garden Flora (DE)


Walkway in highest arch

For the famous botanical garden "Flora" in Cologne, EdenParks, part of Smiemans, is building this year an exceptionally special glass construction by architects Königs. The gigantic construction has a U-shape in which three curved merge. The middle arch has a height of no less than 18 meters, which is comparable to a six-storey flat. Due to this enormous height, there is room for a footbridge, allowing visitors to admire the tropical plants from a great height.

Glass palace with ± 4,500 m2 of glass

Architect Königs has succeeded in using as much glass as possible in the construction: 4,500 m2 of insulated glass. Due to the minimal use of steel, this light construction allows as much daylight as possible for the exotic plants in the glasshouse. A tropical and a desert climate will be simulated in the area of ​​3,000 m2.

Winner of BTTV 2021

This progressive project has not gone unnoticed by the press and authorities. It recently received the first prize for the Benelux Hot Dip Galvanizing Trophy (BTTV) 2021 in the 'Functional galvanizing' category.

Construction history

The use of the round shapes in glass constructions is something that Smiemans is known for. The arches of this new glass construction can be compared to our project for Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, also designed by Königs Architekten at the time. It is not the only well known botanical garden where EdenParks has built, but also for Keukenhof, Hortus Botanicus Leiden, Inverewe and RHS Wisley.

Orangerie and walkways 

In addition to the botanical greenhouse, we are building an orangery that is connected by a roof. On the other side there is also a roof so that visitors can walk to another existing glasshouse in bad weather.

Images of Flora Köln (DE)

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