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Please find below our latest news:

Agrotopia wins BTTV 2023 in the Aesthetic Galvanisation category

The rooftop greenhouse Agrotopia has once again been recognised with a prestigious award. This time it has won the Belgian Trophy for Hot Dip Galvanisation in the Aesthetic Galvanisation category. Together with the designteam Van Bergen Kolpa and Meta Architects, we are very proud of this project! »

Tropical plants find new home at Botanical garden Flora

Currently around 6,000 very old and almost extinct tropical plants are being planted in the new glasshouse at Flora und Botanischer Garten Köln in Germany. The Tropical Glasshouse is a 17 metre high arched construction covering an area of 3,000 m2. Last year the deadline could not met due to delivery problems of climate computers. »

Good maintenance = satisfied customer

This beautiful project in Frankfurt is more than 10 years old, thanks to annual maintenance in top condition. State-of-the-art climate and energy systems have been used, so that the desired climate can be created for each room. »

Last activities at Tropical glasshouse Flora Köln

Large boulders pile up in front of the huge tropical greenhouse in the famous Flora botanical garden in Cologne. All material for future design. About 90% done, but still plenty to do. Read here what we have done in the meantime. »

Agrotopia wins several design awards, like WAF 2022

Since its opening, the roof greenhouse Agrotopia has won several international design awards. Now also the World Architecture Festival (WAF) Award 2022 in the category Completed Buildings: Production energy and recycling. »

Transformation glasshouse for collection Cacti

At the Bodensee the glasshouse we built for the Landesgartenschau has been transformed into a permanent facility for a special collection of cacti. With this, this unique selection of succulent plants can be visited all year round. »

Opening Agrotopia, the rooftop greenhouse

The innovative rooftop greenhouse Agrotopia in Roeselare (BE) was festively opened on 24 September. Our design for the greenhouse on the roof of this auction will set an example for vertical farming, urban food production, intensive use of space, circular energy and water use and sustainability in greenhouse horticulture. »

Winner of BTTV 2021: our glass construction for Flora Botanical garden

Our technically advanced project for the botanical garden "Flora" in Cologne has won the Benelux Trophy Hot Dip Galvanizing (BTTV) 2021 in the category 'Functional galvanizing'. This year, the jury of ‘Zeker Zink’ awarded 3 top projects from the more than 70 submissions, each of which honours the possibilities, durability and certainty of hot-dip galvanizing in their category. »

Design of High Tech Green Hub on roof auction in Roeselare

As a partner in the design team, together with Van Bergen Kopla architects we visited Agrotopia: the rooftop glasshouse Roeselare. Nice to see how our design becomes reality. Delivery is in sight »

Completion in sight nominated glasshouse at botanical garden Flora

We are working hard at the special 3,000m2 project in the famous botanical garden in Cologne. Most of the glass has been placed in the ultra-modern glass roof of this progressive project. So special that it has a chance to win the price for the BTTV 2021 of Zinkinfo Benelux. »

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