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7 Dos & Don'ts When Building a Botanical Glasshouse

When it comes to ensuring that your botanical glasshouse functions optimally, it is important that its use goes above and beyond your expectations. But what exactly can you expect from your glasshouse; what do you need to think about and what considerations need to be made prior to its establishment? »

EdenParks at EAZA 2017 Annual Conference in Wildlands

September 19 –23 we are at the EAZA 2017 Annual Conference at Wildlands, Adventure Zoo Emmen. We are very proud that this important conference is located at Wildlands this year, as we have built the Butterfly temple and a great part of Jungola. »

Completion World Horti Center in sight

The international knowledge and innovation center for horticulture is almost ready. Our work is almost done. The World Horti Center will be officially opened in March 2018. »

Botanical glasshouse EdenParks in development plan Fleetwood, UK

EdenParks is involved in a major redevelopment project for an old port in Fleetwood, west of England. Wyre dock development LTD is an investment company that has been asked by ABP, the owner of the port, to write a redevelopment plan. The goal is to transform this historic waterfront site still utilised by Fleetwood fish trading firms into a vibrant area where people can live, work, shop and recreate. This will benefit the town of Fleetwood. »

Jardin d'Hiverre chance to win the Benelux Trophy Thermal galvanizing 2017

The pavilion 'Jardin d'Hiverre' built by us at Bomencentrum The Netherlands has a chance to win the Benelux Trophy Thermal galvanizing 2017 (BTTV) »

Progress World Horti Center

The contours of the knowledge- and innovation centre for the horticulture are already visible. Because of the steel frame you can see how big and high the World Horti Center will be. At this moment they are placing the first floor. The works elapse as scheduled.

Opening of progressive project of Smiemans at Bomencentrum Nederland

On 19, 20 and 21 April the satisfied owner, Hans Blokzijl celebrates with his guests the Grand Opening of Jardin d’Hiverre. This beautifully designed meeting centre is built by Smiemans Projecten and is situated by the waterside in the middle of a huge park of 25 hectares. »

Opening Plant Propagation and greenhouse facilities at famous garden Inverewe

On March 31 the Plant Propagation and greenhouse facilities were officially opened at famous garden Inverewe. »

Progress Inagro Glasshouse on roof of auction

Our design for the glasshouse on the roof of this auction is now further developed by us. When the complete specification will be returned and once everything is agreed, the construction of this particular project with 9.500m² and four climate zones will be initiated. »

EdenParks building in Boston, USA

At this moment we are active in Boston, USA. This project, a botanical glasshouse, is executed in collaboration with AP Holland. The glass pavilion with the name "The OuchHouse" must be ready for the winter as a large variety of special plants will be accommodated there before winter starts. »

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