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“Wisley Garden near Londen, which we developed for the Royal Horticultural Society, is an excellent showcase for our organisation! It is great to see how the new generation of botanical glasshouses is appreciated all over the world…”

Anett Kertesz, head of communications

Smiemans Projecten

Family business with a rich tradition

Smiemans Projecten is a modern family firm specialised in the construction of glasshouses for garden centers throughout Europe. Both nationally and internationally, Smiemans Projecten is well known and appreciated for the HightLight glasshouse with its round and elegant shapes. Your choice for Smiemans Projecten, is a choice for decades of experience, quality and innovative glasshouse design and construction.

Strong team

The staff at EdenParks in Kwintsheul are very proud of their long tradition as a family firm and the excellent reputation that the original organisation Smiemans Projecten has enjoyed for many, many years.

Together with our clients, we realise successful glasshouses … everyone working from their own specialism: design, technology, glass constructions, calculations, energy, construction, communication, sales, project management and after-sales. And in close cooperation with our partners in the field who become part of the team on a project basis.

We work hard and our standards are very high: our clients will get the attention they deserve. This is how, as a team, we are able to inspire, support and unburden you!

Without any commitment!