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“Thanks to our many years of experience, for example in commercial gardening centres, we will be with you every step of the way in order to achieve the best possible glasshouse for your circumstances! ”


Unique looks to match your brand, organisation or service

We build excellent quality, elegant glasshouses for a large number of clients in Europe and the Middle East. From design to turn-key delivery. When developing a tailor-made glasshouse we incorporate the client’s requirements into the shape of the design: for example: the round and stylish shapes of the HighLight system which we have developed ourselves. After that, we discuss the performance requirements with you and the many options, alternatives and extras. When designing the interior we will offer the best possible lay-out, use of space and routing. This will allow your visitors to enjoy the glasshouse to its full. We will make the most of your building.

You have plenty of choices for the materials and the interior. This means that your glasshouse will always be unique in terms of aesthetics and performance to match your organisation’s identity…

Original and smart!

Planning and designing a glasshouse means making choices. With the aim of achieving the best possible combination of looks and performance, efficiency, sustainability, being future-proof and routing. At EdenParks you are assured of an original and smart design because we never loose sight of the life cycle. Solutions, technologies and designs are aimed at a long leash of life with long maintenance intervals.

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