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“Even in the quite extreme climate of Kuwait, with temperatures of 53 Celsius, we managed to realise a European climate... ”

Bayan Botanic Garden (KW)

A green oasis at the palace of the Emir of Kuwait

Surface3,500 m²
ArchitectPeter van der Toorn Vrijthoff
DesignThree 'arches' with a maximum height of 12.5 meters
Purpose6 different gardens and 4 different climate zones. For exhibition of tropical, dry, Mediterranean and European gardens. Lounges for relaxation and business meetings.
UseFor the Emir of Kuwait, guests, botanical experts and state visits.

A special botanical glasshouse, complete with various climatic zones, was inaugurated at an opening ceremony on 24 February and officiated by none other than the Emir of Kuwait. The ceremony was likewise attended by various ministers and high-ranking officials of the Kuwait government. 

6 different gardens and 4 different climate zones

This botanical garden is located at the Emir’s Bayan Palace and occupies an area of 15,793 m². Almost 3,500 m² of space is devoted to the cultivation of various exotic plants in the glasshouse. Despite temperatures hitting peaks of 53 degrees Celsius outside, the indoor climate is carefully controlled.

Images of Bayan Botanic Garden (KW)

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