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“EdenParks is a reliable company, consistent with thoroughness, professionalism and perseverance in the foreground. The cooperation was excellent!”

Gebhardt - Hessisches Baumanagement

Goethe University, Riedberg Campus (DE)

Beautiful glasshouse with state of the art climate control

LocationFrankfurt am Main
Surface1.400 m²
ArchitectKönigs Architecten, Keulen

Three differently shaped 'arches', with a maximum height of 14 meters

AssignmentConstruction of a special greenhouse for research 

The Faculty of Biology at Frankfurt-am-Main’s Goethe University is set to continue its plant research activities in a purpose-built glasshouse, designed by Königs Architects in Cologne.

Latest technologies for ideal conditions

Located at the university’s Riedberg Campus, EdenParks’ construction implements all the latest technologies to help bring about ideal conditions for the growth of plants and, in so doing, meets the needs and requirements of the faculty.

Eye-catching arched glasshouse

The glasshouse has a total area of 1,400 m². The glasshouse is designed with three arches, each varying in height. The highest point is 11 metres and the construction has a length of 45 metres. In addition to research, this eye-catchingly designed glasshouse will also be used for cultivation purposes and for the entertainment of students.

State-of-the-art systems for optimal climate

The glasshouse uses state-of-the-art climate-conditioning and energy systems, so that the optimal required climate can be created for each individual space. This is essential for the faculty’s plant research because it enables optimum growing conditions.

An optimum combination of materials

Needless to say, EdenParks works only with the best quality glass and constructional materials, ensuring that the glasshouse is effectively insulated. An optimum combination of glass, foil and coatings brings about the very best in insulation and the most advantageous growing conditions.” 

Images of Goethe University, Riedberg Campus (DE)

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