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Überlingen (DE)

New exhibition glasshouse for Landesgartenschau 2020

In Überlingen the Landesgartenschau will be organised in the year 2021, after one year of delay due to covid-19. This national garden show takes place from 30 April to 17 October of that year. The new exhibition glasshouse has been built by Smiemans Projecten, of which EdenParks is a part. The highlight curved glasshouse construction was realized on a turnkey basis. On top of the technical and facility space a place for visitors is realized so that they have a good view on the plant collection.

Meeting place during Landesgartenschau

The glasshouse designed by EdenParks will fulfill two objectives: first as a meeting place and pavilion during the Landesgartenschau 2021. Then, after this event, as a permanent facility for mainly cacti.

special collection of cacti

The city of Überlingen owns a special collection of cacti, which is currently exhibited in the historic city garden in the summer and then wintered in a plant house on the grounds of the Stadtgärtnerei. Annually, costs of € 45,000 are incurred through construction and dismantling. Moreover, there is the inevitable transport damage to the valuable plants. In addition, the cacti are in the greenhouse for about seven months, which is not accessible to the public. Thanks to the realization of this plant house, the special collection of cacti can be visited all year round.

Since 2016, the city has been busy building a six-hectare landscape park on the edge of Lake Constance. This park offers many opportunities, especially for families to play and relax, for sports and recreation. Throughout the city, which celebrates its 1250-year jubilee at the same time, much is being organized in those 179 days.

Images of Überlingen (DE)

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